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Outside of Regatta Point headquarters, you can see a dozen small sailboats captained by even smaller sailors, tacking and jibing between two buoys, training for races later in the week. Every boat is focusing on something slightly different- our Junior Sailors are hiking halfway out of the boat, the back of their hats splashing into the water, as they try and keep as close to the wind as possible. Other boats are running downwind, (No jib necessary!) captained by students as young as 7 years old. Here in the doldrums of July, the waterfront is really alive- campers are pushing themselves to grow as sailors and as learners, and the programs are thrving.

What makes this time at Regatta Point so special is the huge variety of groups and people who find their way to our organization. Last week, 20 soon to be freshman at North High School came down (from less than two miles away) for team building, sailing, and paddle sports. These students build skills, kayak and paddle board all the way across the lake- preparing for high school by exploring the different opportunities and options that this community provided. This is a program close to my heart- as a North High teacher, I know these freshmen are going to be all the more prepared for the challenges that High School has to offer due to this empowering program.

That same week, students from the Worcester Partnership took part in their second year of programming with us at Regatta Point- watching their skills and confidence building on the water really inspires the staff of RPCS. Learn more about this amazing partnership in our “Program Spotlight” in this newsletter.

At the same time- youth aren’t the only ones learning here at Regatta Point! Our adult sailing programs help all members of the Worcester Community who are willing to push themselves to expand their relationship with the water through beginning and advanced sailing programs. These programs help adults learn new skills and get out there in nature.

Our summer programming really demonstrates how important of a resource this organization is for our community. Come down to see students of all ages challenge themselves to learn how to rig and sail a boat, or paddle over the 7 miles around the lake, or even just step foot in a boat for the first time ever, and it is clear that these programs are opening up new avenues of empowerment for citizens of this city. Keep posted on all the different events, camps, and opportunities to get out on the water this summer, and see these powerful programs in action!

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