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Junior Program (Age 13-17)

Ages 13-17


The Junior Program is designed to teach sailing, build character and provide a safe learning environment for kids aged 13 – 17. This program allows kids much more freedom than a traditional camp.  Kids have the freedom to sign themselves out for lunch, sailing a larger portion of the lake and use high performance equipment.  As a matter of fact, one parent was so amazed and said this:

“My child would never leave their cell phone behind, it was always glued to their hip. Here at Regatta Point, they never have it on them.  It’s great to see the kids interacting with each other rather than a phone.”

Prices per session:

  • Junior Program Session $399

Special Discount:

  • 10% off two sessions
  • 15% off three session


What are the prices, dates & time for classes?

Space is LIMITED:

The Junior Program offers three–three week sessions.   The 2020 session dates are as follows:

  • Session A – June 22nd to July 10th 
  • Session B – July 13th to July 31st
  • Session C – August 3rd to August 21st

(Many teens take multiple sessions.)

Classes meet 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4. There are no formal classes on Fridays and this day is kept for advents, testing, racing, practice, and special events. Students are permitted to leave the premises during lunch break.


The program’s goals are simple, but take a lifetime to master:

  • Teach seamanship, sailing, and racing skills, in a safe and fun learning environment
  • Enable students to acquire–through the overall experience of program activities–life-long values such as sportsmanship, consideration for others, teamwork, and self-reliance
  • Teach young people how to sail to the best of their ability and interest, and to encourage growth in skill and competence through both individual and team participation
  • Encourage the acquisition of competitive sailing skills in regattas and in races at RPCS and other boating venues.


Participation in the Junior Program requires a high level of responsibility on the part of the Junior Member.  While the staff is here to provide instruction and coaching, and are available to help Junior Members when they need it, Junior Members enjoy a great deal of freedom in deciding how they spend their time.  Junior Members must get themselves to their lessons on time, must be active in setting and pursuing learning goals, and must monitor their own actions in terms of following the Regatta Point rules and working with other members and staff.

Junior Members are expected to spend their time sailing, learning about sailing, or helping others to learn.  They must understand and follow the Regatta Point principles of “Safety, Fun, and Learning.” Parents should discuss these responsibilities with their children before enrolling them in the Junior Program.  Children who need a closer level of supervision might want to consider our Deckhand Program.

Junior members are expected to help keep our facility neat and clean, and may be asked to help with minor equipment repairs or to assist less experienced sailors. RPCS Junior Program operates according to the Corinthian Spirit, which states that they will conduct themselves with honor and integrity, both on and off the water.


What do the Teens Learn?

Students who join the Junior Program learn the basics of safe sailboat operations through a “hands-on-experience”, in small group classes.  We believe that our Juniors are here to have fun and learn new skills. They will only advance as far as they are ready, willing, and able to. Once they pass the Helmsman Test (our basic sailing rating, covered in Beginner I), the students are offered a variety of opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge.  Included in these are the upper level programs (Beginner II, Intermediate, Advanced, Racing) geared toward acquiring Advanced Helmsman, which includes the use of jib and spinnaker, windsurfers, high performance boats, keel boats, and racing classes.


Beginner I Class: Learning occurs in the stable Hunter 15. This class focuses on basic skills, enabling a child to feel confident skippering a dinghy. Concepts include: riggings, de-rigging, knots, steering, sail trim, terminology, and safety, with an overall emphasis on FUN and becoming comfortable on the water.

Upper Level Classes: Sailed in 420s, Lasers, Hunter 15s, Keelboats, and Optis, these are classes where youth can refine the basics of sailing and also experience the fun of being in high performance sailboats. Class time will be balanced between casual sailing and learning how to use high performance sailboats to their fullest. These classes are fun, social, driven, and perfect for teens.

Racing: Class emphasis is on expanding students’ skill sets and learning to race. This class offers instruction in rigging, boat handling, sail trim, safety, and an introduction to sailboat racing, including rules, tactics, and race strategy. The goal of the class is to prepare the students for regattas, and is a stepping stone to the Race Team or High School Sailing. This class will be taught in Optis (single-handed) and 420s (double-handed) sailboats.


Regatta Point uses a chunking model to test the knowledge of students.  The students can work on small discrete topics, focusing on mastering each skillset before moving on to the next one.  In this way, they pass small tests that work towards a larger certification or boat rating.

Regatta Point is a US Sailing Accredited facility. This allows our students to work on the US Sailing Curriculum which allows them work towards a national approved certification.

Please understand that the wind is not always cooperative for the sailing and man overboard tests. Feel free to call before coming down to ensure that there is enough wind for an on-the-water-test.


Swimming Requirements:

Participants must be 13 years of age by the start date of the program. You must sign off that your child is able to swim 75 yards and tread water for 3 minutes.  If you are unsure, seek a local agency like the YMCA for a swim test or lessons.

Missed Classes

If for some reason your child misses a class or classes during the session, don’t worry.  Kids can go out sailing with other class members in order to practice what they missed.  Also, our instructors review the class material all the time.

Additional Information:

Life jackets and boats are provided. Proper clothing, drinking water, sun-block, etc. are the responsibility of individual participants. All children must be able to swim 75 yards and tread water for 3 minutes. While Personal Flotation Devices (PFD or commonly known as Life Jackets) must be worn at all times, it is important that youth be comfortable in the water not rely on them. Additional information will be made available to registered parents prior to the start of each session.

Weather and Wind Conditions:

We will attempt to maximize time on the water whenever possible. However, weather (too much wind, too little wind, rain, etc.) may limit on the water activity, resulting in more land based lessons and games. Extreme weather conditions (lightning, hurricanes, etc.) may result in cancellation. Cancellation is determined by the staff.

Unfortunately, no refunds are provided for loss of lessons due to weather.

Adventure Week

Dates: 8/19 through 8/23

This is a special "drop-in" program the week of August 19th to the 23rd after our summer programs have ended but before everyone goes back to school.

It will contain: kayaking, swimming, cooperative games, and sailing at all levels.  Participants will also be able to work on completing the testing and requirements to move up to the next level for next year.  You do not need to sign up for a full week; you can sign up for as many or as few days work for you.  See the pricing below:

Time:  9am - 4pm

1 day - $85

2 days - $170

3 days - $255

4 days - $299 

5 days - $349 

You can sign up though the CampSite by clicking here.