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Our all access memberships include sailing, sailing lessons, paddling, paddling lessons, access to other sites, and guest privileges to the boats capacity.

Would you like to take out an extra kayak or SUP for your guest -- just $10 flat fee.

Adult Memberships are for age 16 and up.

Adult Membership Prices -- SPECIAL Lock in the 2017 Rate for 2018

  • 30 Day Trial Membership - $179
  • Full Season Membership - $350
  • Full Season Returning Membership - $299
  • Double Adult Membership – 2 adults - $549
  • Student Memberships - $250
  • Senior (65+)/Military (retired & active) - $275
  • Sustaining Membership – Sail a few times and want to support regatta point - $169



Unplug, unwind and reconnect!  Nothing builds life long memories while spending time together-in a sailboat!

There are very few activities that families can enjoy together – hiking, skiing and sailing comes to mind. Regatta Point Community Sailing has recently developed a family sailing program that builds skills similar to those you would learn from a team building program. Whether it’s building a stronger family unit, developing a foundation for a new relationship or just spending a fun Friday night together as a family – nothing hits the marks like Family Fridays at Regatta Point Community Sailing.

This sailing program is for 2 adult (21+) and up to three children (7-17). 

RPCS Double Adult & Family Members -- this is included in your membership. 

Non Members – $225

 We hold four classes per session over the course of successive Fridays from 6-8pm.

  • Session 1 – Fridays starting June 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23th.
  • Session 2 – Fridays starting July 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.
  • Session 3 – Fridays starting August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.


Our group lessons are a great way to have fun with new people while learning to sail.

Regatta Point Community Sailing Adult Schedule: 2017 Season

Adult Lessons – Summer weekday adult lessons are held from 6:00 – 7:45 unless otherwise noted with an *. In those cases (fall classes), classes begin at 5:30.


Refresher Class - A one day class to polish up some skills from Beginner I

prerequisite: Beginner I

  • Refresher A – Monday May 1st
  • Refresher B – Monday May 2nd
  • Refresher C – Monday May 8th
  • Refresher D – Monday May 9th
  • Refresher E – Monday May 30th 

Beginner I Class – Learn to Sail

prerequisite: None - The perfect place to start

6 Classes per Session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Beginner I Session A beginning Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Beginner I Session B beginning Wednesday, May 24th
  • Beginner I Session C beginning Wednesday, June 14th
  • Beginner I Session D beginning Wednesday, July 5th
  • Beginner I Session E beginning Wednesday, July 26th
  • Beginner I Session F beginning Wednesday, August 16th
  • Beginner I Session G beginning Wednesday, September 6th

Beginner II Class – jib, boat balancing,telltales, capsize recovery

prerequisite: Helmsman certification or equivalent

6 Classes per Session - Monday and Tuesday

  • Beginner II Session A – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning May 15th -- No Class May 29th & 30th 
  • Beginner II Session B – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning June 12th
  • Beginner II Session C – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning July 10th
  • Beginner II Session D – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning July 31st
  • Beginner II Session E – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning September 21st
  • Beginner II Session F - Mondays and Tuesdays beginning September 18th starts @5:30

Under the Bridge - geography, techniques, paddling;

prerequisite: Beginner II certification or US Sailing Level I

  • Under the Bridge A - one session Friday June 2nd
  • Under the Bridge B - one session Friday June 16th
  • Under the Bridge C - one session Friday June 30th
  • Under the Bridge D - one session  Friday July 14th
  • Under the Bridge E - one session  Friday July 28th
  • Under the Bridge F - one session  Friday August 11th
  • Under the Bridge G - one session  Friday August 25th

High Performance Theory (Intermediate)– laylines, weather, and tides, roll tacking;

prerequisite: 420 class completed 

6 Classes per Session – Mondays and Tuesdays

  • High Performance Theory A beginning Monday June 5th
  • High Performance Theory B beginning  Monday June 26th
  • High Performance Theory C beginning  Monday July 24th
  • High Performance Theory D beginning  Monday August 7th

  Basic Keelboat Class – Learn to sail larger boats, anchoring,basic cruising plans

prerequisite: Beginner I & Beginner II

6 Classes per Session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Basic Keelboat A beginning Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Basic Keelboat B beginning Wednesday, May 24th
  • Basic Keelboat C beginning Wednesday, June 14th
  • Basic Keelboat D beginning Wednesday, July 5th
  • Basic Keelboat E beginning Wednesday, July 26th
  • Basic Keelboat F beginning Wednesday, August 16th STARTS AT 5:30
  • Basic Keelboat G beginning Wednesday, September 6th STARTS AT 5:00

High Performance Classes– 2 Classes per Session

prerequisite –  Beginner II certification or US Sailing Beginner certification

Laser – 2 classes per session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Laser A begins Wednesday, June 14th
  • Laser F begins Wednesday, August 30th starts  @ 5:30

420 – 2 classes per session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • 420 A begins Wednesday, June 7th
  • 420 B begins Wednesdays, June 21st
  • 420 D begins Wednesday, July 26th
  • 420 F begins Wednesday, August 23rd starts @ 5:30

Adult Racing Program (beginners & advanced sailors, skippers or crew all are welcome)

Hunter 15s Racing – Tuesdays after Memorial Day:

  • skipper’s meeting at 5:30, (Rigging/derigging, sailing, and theory for the particular boat)
  • first race at 6:00.


Monday, Tuesday & Friday by appointment – signup in the office or by phone at (508)-757-2140.


One of our more popular activities for adventure seekers.  No racing experience is needed to join the fun

Sailboat Racing - Every Tuesday starting after Memorial Day.

  • Skipper’s meeting at 5:30,
  • First race at 6:00

Beginners and advanced sailors, skippers and crew, all are welcome! Safety, Fun, and Racing!

There is no better way to hone your sailing skill than racing. Racing involves boats sailing towards the same place. When one boat is sailing faster than the other, it is a great time to look and see how they are achieving their speed. Maybe the boat is sailing faster because they have their sail trimmed different or perhaps it’s where their weight is placed in the boat. Whatever the case, everyone is certain to have a great time and learn tons about sailing. Participants who wish to skipper a boat must have their helmsman rating. Sailors without their helmsman are always welcome to join in as crew for other skippers. We always need crew.

No racing experience is needed. We teach the basics of racing skills in the Beginner II class.


In addition to having a great time on the water, our family and adult membership also includes access to fun social events all season long.

2017 Adult Program Schedule of Events

Pre-season Rigging Day – Saturday April 22, 2017  @ 10am

Come down to help us get ready for the 2017 season! We need all the help we can get to bring the boats out of storage, get them rigged, and prepare the boathouse for the year.  Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.

Opening Day – Monday April 24, 2017 @ 4:00

Celebratory Libation - Do Sailers really need an excuse to get together and raise a glass? Nope -- but, we have one, the completion of a Beginner Class.  Come celebrate at 2ovens, White City Plaza, 84 Boston Turn Pike, in Shrewsbury, MA. 

  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, May 18th @ 8:15pm
  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, June 8th @ 8:15pm
  • Celebrate at 20vens Thursday, June 29th @ 8:15pm
  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, July 20th @ 8:15pm
  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, August 10th @ 8:15pm
  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, August 31st @ 7:45pm
  • Celebrate at 2ovens Thursday, September 21st @ 7:15

Capt’n Luke’s Clam Bake – August 5th , Dinner @ 5pm   registration required

Under-the-Bridge – June 10th, July 1st, August 12th, September 9th

Moon light sail – full moon  – June 9th @ 7pm, July 7th @ 7pm

Family Picture Day - August 18th @ 2pm

De-rigging Days – October 21st @ 10am