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Our group lessons are a great way to have fun with new people while learning to sail.

Regatta Point Community Sailing Adult Schedule: 2017 Season

Adult Lessons – Summer weekday adult lessons are held from 6:00 – 7:45 unless otherwise noted with an *. In those cases (fall classes), classes begin at 5:30.


Refresher Class – A one day class to polish up some skills from Beginner I

Prerequisite: Beginner I

  • Refresher A – Monday May 1st
  • Refresher B – Monday May 2nd
  • Refresher C – Monday May 8th
  • Refresher D – Monday May 9th
  • Refresher E – Monday May 30th

Beginner I Class – Learn to Sail

Prerequisite: None – The perfect place to start

6 Classes per Session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Beginner I Session A beginning Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Beginner I Session B beginning Wednesday, May 24th
  • Beginner I Session C beginning Wednesday, June 14th
  • Beginner I Session D beginning Wednesday, July 5th
  • Beginner I Session E beginning Wednesday, July 26th
  • Beginner I Session F beginning Wednesday, August 16th
  • Beginner I Session G beginning Wednesday, September 6th

Beginner II Class – jib, boat balancing,telltales, capsize recovery

Prerequisite: Helmsman certification or equivalent

6 Classes per Session – Monday and Tuesday

  • Beginner II Session A – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning May 15th — No Class May 29th & 30th 
  • Beginner II Session B – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning June 12th
  • Beginner II Session C – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning July 10th
  • Beginner II Session D – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning July 31st
  • Beginner II Session E – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning September 21st
  • Beginner II Session F – Mondays and Tuesdays beginning September 18th starts @5:30

Under the Bridge – geography, techniques, paddling;

Prerequisite: Beginner II certification or US Sailing Level I

  • Under the Bridge A – one session Friday June 2nd
  • Under the Bridge B – one session Friday June 16th
  • Under the Bridge C – one session Friday June 30th
  • Under the Bridge D – one session  Friday July 14th
  • Under the Bridge E – one session  Friday July 28th
  • Under the Bridge F – one session  Friday August 11th
  • Under the Bridge G – one session  Friday August 25th

High Performance Theory (Intermediate)– laylines, weather, and tides, roll tacking;

prerequisite: 420 class completed

6 Classes per Session – Mondays and Tuesdays

  • High Performance Theory A beginning Monday June 5th
  • High Performance Theory B beginning  Monday June 26th
  • High Performance Theory C beginning  Monday July 24th
  • High Performance Theory D beginning  Monday August 7th

Basic Keelboat Class – Learn to sail larger boats, anchoring,basic cruising plans

Prerequisite: Beginner I & Beginner II

6 Classes per Session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Basic Keelboat A beginning Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Basic Keelboat B beginning Wednesday, May 24th
  • Basic Keelboat C beginning Wednesday, June 14th
  • Basic Keelboat D beginning Wednesday, July 5th
  • Basic Keelboat E beginning Wednesday, July 26th
  • Basic Keelboat F beginning Wednesday, August 16th STARTS AT 5:30
  • Basic Keelboat G beginning Wednesday, September 6th STARTS AT 5:00

High Performance Classes– 2 Classes per Session

prerequisite –  Beginner II certification or US Sailing Beginner certification

Laser – 2 classes per session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Laser A begins Wednesday, June 14th
  • Laser F begins Wednesday, August 30th starts  @ 5:30

420 – 2 classes per session – Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • 420 A begins Wednesday, June 7th
  • 420 B begins Wednesdays, June 21st
  • 420 D begins Wednesday, July 26th
  • 420 F begins Wednesday, August 23rd starts @ 5:30

Adult Racing Program (beginners & advanced sailors, skippers or crew all are welcome)

Hunter 15s Racing – Tuesdays after Memorial Day:

  • skipper’s meeting at 5:30, (Rigging/derigging, sailing, and theory for the particular boat)
  • first race at 6:00.


Monday, Tuesday & Friday by appointment – signup in the office or by phone at (508)-757-2140.

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